Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vision in White

  Lately I've been seeing a lot of people in white which I love!!
Every-time I see a look like this I become a little sad because I don't know how people pull of white looks so brilliantly.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

On Whyte : Chapters

On Whyte : These two are adorable!

 I really loved how these two acted so naturally even when I took their picture. Nothing frustrates me more than people who get all posey on me.

On Whyte : Where am I again?

 I told you that I was going to go creeping on Whyte ave today!! This is the first of a few amazing people that I had the luck of seeing today.

Let's Talk About : Accessories

Ahahah At long last your first Let's Talk has arrived!!!! Are you excited? So today we are going to talk about accecories. I'm going to keep this short because I'm going people stalking in a little bit. 

 Personally I hate accessories!! With a passion.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I've always wondered are people born with cool or can they generate it themselves? The non-cholantness you feel around someone who has that calm,cool,collectedness around them is indescribable. Clara is one of those people. I feel like she isn't trying to be cool she just has "it". Does that make sense??? I don't want to mistake this kind of cool for the "out there" I'm cool because I'm trending and have swag etc etc.... This is better because I feel she never has to put all that out there for you to feel the cool/calm.


 Good-morning/night/or afternoon. How are you today? I am super super happy having slept for twelve hours after months of dreaming about it (do you see the irony??) Anywhoo it's been such a long time since I put up a post of a guy here right? I've been searching everyday I promise!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

This is Ashley*

  Okay! This is not the first time that I've seen Ashley wear something great. I think that I've been creeping on her style for a while and I finally manned up today! I like the way she puts things together. 
Since we may be heading for a warm streak of weather this week I'm very afraid....
Why? Because I can just see the inappropriate amount of skin that will be flashed in the future.
But Ashley gives me hope. Something that you might forget when you want to show a little leg is to balance your outfits proportions out.
This is the PERFECT example of the balance that I wish everyone (myself included) remembered. 
The skirt is short and flirty with adorable cutouts! But her blouse (people don't use this word enough) has a smart and proper neckline.
I dunno. This look yells grace and charm to me!!
Don't you just love her glasses too??? I love a good tortoise shell pattern it's got that old world thing going.....
*I'm also trying to try new things with my photography.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mrs. Timmsy

(the sparkly details of her top, her make-up which is polished, and sublime and compliments her without taking all of the attention away from her beautiful features)

 You know when you pass by one of those gorgeous beasts and want to cry a little bit? That's how I felt when I passed by Mrs. Timmsy. She is a teacher who is always happy and upbeat; and WELL DRESSED!!!
I emphasize the well dressed because (and this is really sad to say) but I've only ever seen 3 teachers in my life who dressed well consistently! I don't know what it is about that profession that encourages bad dressing but a lot of teachers stay dull in dowdy outfits and passe prints (her scarf is an excellent example of a good print, a scarf is always a good way to go for prints especially is you do not want something that is too loud)
Anyway I will continue my rant on bad dressing in professions later.
How was your weekend? I hope that it went well!
Here's to more inspiration in the week to come.

* By the way did I tell you about my obsession with scarfs? I have I think 10 of them... and 50 that I covet [hint hint to all of my friends] plus this one!! I wonder where she got it?

Saturday, May 12, 2012


This is Romy!!! Aren't her eyes amazingly piercing. I have a thing for eyes. When someone can look at you and cut into you with their eyes it's really something. I'm so proud of myself for finally getting a close up that had emotion in the eyes!!
Usually I'm not a fan of these types of bustier tops because most people wear them wrong. They're either usually paired with the wrong sort of bottom and end up looking lopsidedly paired OR they're paired with the right sort of outfit but the person wearing them doesn'd have the right sort of attitude to wear them. Let me tell you execution is everything. Half the battle of getting dressed is putting on the right sort of outfit. The other half of the battle I find is attitude. Sometimes you just have to take it like a woman (with grace, charm and all those other womanly effects that make us soo attractive jk jk) and be like this is me, who I am in how I dress.
To be honest when I was younger I dreamt of being punk-ish (I say -ish because my parents would never go for piercings of any sort, that kind of thing would not go well ) Anywhoo* I dreamt of being a punk rockish looking person. Leather clad cutting a slim and alluring figure whever I went. Even fueled by Kate Moss pics, my own determination and a healhty stack of British vogues (I'll show you my collection of magazines soon enough!!!**) my dreams did not become my reality.
Everytime I see someone who has pulled of that non-cholant I don't give a f=*k but you do sort of look and attitude I am in total awe.
Maybe in my next life I can look and be as cool as Romy.....
* I say Anywhoo a ton! If you've ever met me you know that this is a staple in my vocabulary.
** Seeing as I'm making tons of future things to do I might as well promise you a full vocabulary of D.... [ Oh I'll regret this later won't I]
*** Also did you see? I'm forgoing a title here! I always trying super super hard (inner blogger nerd takes over) to give you guys an interesting title but look my brain hurts. Anyway this is fashion. You've seen it now call it whatever tickles your fancy.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Orange I glad that I saw Angelica.....

Okay so the title is cheesy but this girl is amazingly gorgeous!!!
I love love the color orange, I feel that no one is man enough to wear it.
Personally I'm eyeing this dress on e-bay! I won't tell you where cuz no offence or anything BUT it's mine... (All Mine!!)

 Paired with this dress (and it's sublime print and subdued color)

and the little booties

You have one stellar outfit!!!!
To be quite honest I saw her pass by in the morning but I had something else to do so I sighed and promised myself I'd watch out for her in the future. When I saw here again I was like OKAY!! Time to man up....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Talk About..... "Let's Talk About"

So like most people I have opinions!!! I know that most people have bs-y opinions that are based on NOTHING! But I'm trying to think about things before I post. So now every two weeks (I'll try to meet this deadline!) I will do a let's talk article! These articles will basically be a discussion/critique on a trend or even just a pattern I've noticed than tickles me pink. What do you think? I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I will enjoy writing them. (My nerdy blogger self is about to be unleashed....)

PS: The first edition will be here in a week!! Feel free to suggest topics that you'd like to hear in the comments box


Point of view is everything no? With out first officially hot day of summer behind us I'm excited to see how people will dress. I hope that the long standing less is more value is chucked out of the window! Short things are cool but there is a challenge in styling long and light. Maybe even layered!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012


So I know that people have been obsessed with nude for approximately two seasons. Most people have done the totally dull nude on nude thing which is why I love love this look. (Extra love for emphasis) 
The florals make it fun and flirty. Plus every proportion here is PERFECT!!! The dress is just above the knee giving balance to the crossed straps at the ankles. The jacket gives the whole thing some modesty (not that she needs it) and the belt's slightly darker tone pulls your eye to her bag.

I don't know. I could ramble on about how GREAT this look is but I won't. 
After all a picture is worth a thousand words....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Konichiwa : Good things happen when you aren't looking

This is Sylvia

 I met her while I was doing a run to Joe Fresh (We will have to talk about him later) at Superstore [known to some as stupidstore]. You see grocery stores really do have everything, and good things happen when you aren't looking!!
Sylvia is a proffesional model who has only been modeling 6 months and is already on her way to Japan! Lucky duck. But you can totally see why. I wish her the best of luck!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


 I feel like spring really brings out the best of the best in people. It's not just the flowers who want to bloom....

To all those who have wondered...

To all of you who have wondered what does this chick even look like and does she have decent style. Check out my second personal blog
I started up my personal looks on a seperate place so that I don't mess up the focus of thsi blog.

Friday, May 4, 2012


          I like the contrast of  this mauve/purple (whatever you want to call it!!) in two           
different shades.

 Plus the fact that florals and lace have been integrated in totally girly but classy ways. The look is feminine but not overly girly.

I've been really lazy with my updates. So busy with life in general.... 
But this is one of the gems coming your way in the next few days.