Your Light Shines the Brightest

This girl can pose!
I think this is the first picture I took after I'd asked her if I could take her picture.
I took this shot yesterday.
It was at a formal event and I was impressed by quite a few looks.
This ensemble is one of them.
It's perfect.
Strappy heels are always sexy so the proportions of the skirt and the sweater balanced everything out.

Plus the bonus that comes from the plum collar. (do you see the pearl button?)
The wearer of these clothes told me that everything is from South Korea!
So for any of you lusting over these clothes you're going to have to buy yourself a ticket!
But if your going to be a homebody for a bit you can go to OAK + FORT or Visit their website too! They're giving free shipping for all orders over $150
a website I'm always hearing about YesStyle

Ahhh the wind was playing a lot of tricks yesterday!
But I really like how this turned out.
A moment in real non-blogger [sorta posey] time, so here you are!

I'm still suffering from shoe loss/lust!!
I guess I'll listen to Jhene Aiko's You vs Them!
It's the wanting you,
Never getting you,
Keeps me wanting you,
Missing you,
Always picture you.......
I have to say as a random sidenote I am totally in love with her!!!


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