It must be luck right?
Orange TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!!
I'm sure you all know about my self confessed LOVE of orange.
( If you don't you can read about it here and here )

Anywhooo this is Won!!!
Hahahah it'd be kinda creepy BUT say hello boys and girls.
Clearly this back to learning thing is getting to me.

The BEST thing about this outfit is how balanced it is while offering up some juxtaposition.
If you didn't see there's a silver necklace that matches perfectly with the skirts grey shade.
To be quite honest I'm starting to HATE SHEER!!!!
It's become waaay too mainstream however this skirt is an honest interpretation that isn't trying to be sexy. Yes someone out there is tired of seeing your underwear and other bits of you I should have never seen......
{ Ahhhh the rise of the puritan! Not to fear I'll be doing A Let's Talk About It Soon}
It reminds me of a tutu, but more in a ballerina takes a turn for the chic; instead of a turn toward the Sex and The City, Carrie avenue.
The juxtaposition of the outfit is offered up by the orange blouse and teal cardigan combo.
[Let me just take a minute to pass out in a corner wishing I'd thought/could do this.]

I included two shots to show you the wonder of using flash in the day!
While I am by NO means of interpretation a proffesional photographer or anything close to that I feel that this is a technique that I use when someone is wearing BAM! colors in order to make sure I capture the brilliance of the colors.

More skirt in the wind!!
Plus Le sparkly Toms......
PS: Don't judge me for looking at everything with wonder. Clothes are wonderful! Seriously, the thought of creating and re-creating yourself everyday as you please makes me smile.
Anyway, where else are you going to be able to do this?
PPS: Soon I'm going to stop talking!! Just pictures in the winter........
PPPS: Incase you care you all need to listen to Conor Maynard and Jhene Aiko!!!!!
You can find him  here and her here. But LISTEN TO HER FIRST!!!! 
Her voice is etheral and she deserves WAAY more hype.
Sorry for all my super capital letters and apostrophes!
I'm just that excited.....


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