This is Nimo!!!
Don't you just love love her look??
I would express how much I love it but as I'm still suffering from my bout of tendonitis you will all just have to appreciate it yourselves. 

It was sooo rainy today! And even though I enjoy dreary weather I have to admit it makes me a little bit sad.
So it was nice when I saw Nimo and smiled, just like that my day was suddenly brighter.
As a little side note she told me that she got her clothes from Polly Magoo's.
I am dying to visit this store!
If anyone else does too its on 10818-82 ave.

When it comes to embroidery I feel like gold is the way to go because it gives everything an air of being old but timeless at the same time.
In my humble eyes it will NEVER be tacky.



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