Let's Talk About : Joe Fresh

Have you heard about Joe Fresh?

For those of you who live in Canada you know that you can find this brand in most Superstores.
The idea of getting "it" all in one place is not a new one. 
With giant Walmart boasting its own in house lines.
But Joe Fresh is at the intersection of fast fashion and chic design that is part trendy, part original and totally taking people everywhere by surprise!

They've only been at it for 5 years and already they are showing at Toronto Fashion week and recently opened up a flagship in the one and only New York City.
On the famed 5th Avenue no less.

Like many I was always hesitant to say that I sometimes perused through the racks while grocery shopping.
However all that changed when I found these trousers. 
They were super affordable at $10. (usually around $40 during the season, but I got mine on SALE [seriously one of the best 4 letter words out there ]

I've think I've worn them at least once in almost every week since I bought them.
Usually when I go shopping it is a horrendous experience.
Change rooms always leave me super frustrated. But when I put these on and looked at myself I smiled.
They were 100% comfy and didn't leave me lamenting on why I didn't put that extra time in at the gym.

And do you know why those trousers were SOOO comfy! They have butt tailoring!!! Never again will you have to endure trousers that fit your bum but not your legs; or vice versa!
When I discovered this I was SOLD on Joe Fresh.

Uber roomy utility side pockets are a mainstay on khaki trousers. I use these to mostly chuck my cellular device BUT they're so versatile that the next time I get the chance to go camping and the like (read frolic in nature, but really pray nothing deadly bites me) I'll take them with me. 

The trousers also have this zipper detailing on the calf area.
I use the zippers to give them a more streamlined (hopefully chic look)
Whether or not you use the zippers they're yet another detail that will make you give these trousers a second look.
                                                 You can see how I wore them here

 Another thing about Joe Fresh is that they have an "in house" magazine that show cases their collections main theme and pieces.
I know that a lot of brands such as H&M and Le Chateau have them but what makes these special is that they are not so far removed from reality.
They create a fantasy that is achievable.
(Just visit their website at www.joefresh.com and you'll see what I'm talking about)

They also bear cheeky messages that start on the cover and are carried through the whole magazine.
This is the back from their five year anniversary issue.
(TBH I haven't had the chance to get more issues because my timing is always off.)
Its so bright and celebratory in a way that's not pompous at all!
Plus it features their signature color, orange. (It looks more vibrant in real life!)

My favorite line is about the lettuce.
Now I am loud  and  proud about looking at, buying, loving and wearing Joe Fresh.
If you get the chance give them a chance!
* I know that I haven't been posting lately but that's because I've had a case of wrist tendonitis. I just typed this all up avec my left hand. It's getting better though! 
But listen kiddies. Don't overuse any part of your body. You will end up learning from experience (read pain and suffering)
Enjoy these last few days of summer!!


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