Today I have nothing to say

Okay so I lied! 
I feel that it's very interesting how friends (especially good friends ) will sometimes seem aesthetically coordinated.
Friends shield your weak spots and just make you look better (and I don't just mean this superficially). 
They're like your own personal ozone layer if that makes sense!
They shield you from others just enough.
Anyway. That's a total tangent that I don't want to go into!

The key thing to colored bottoms if you want to look sophisticated is making sure that your top is suddle.
Sometimes it's not all about standing out.

Today I am not only suffering from the inability to write something interesting BUT I am suffering from shoe lust.
With shoe designers becoming more and more creative in their designs I'm stuck in awkward shoe purgatory.
It makes me wonder. In this land of fashion why don't people design for everyone? I mean the people in this "business" know that we aren't built in standard shapes and sizes.
Why are we all forced to conform when we should be able to find something that fits and flatters?
It's common to hear "It's just fashion, we aren't saving lives,"
I think that if there was enough maybe we could all focus on bigger things.
Like saving lives


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