I think that this is the first person who has let me capture them naturally.
When I told Steven to just be, he was. (If that makes any sense at all to you)

I saw him on my way to run an errand. At first I was like nah not going to bother today but I couldn't get his look out of my mind to I dashed after him.
The things I do.......
I really like his look even his sculptural hair.
Okay so when guys do that kind of do I'm like "No thank you,"
Mainly because they end up looking like the situation from Jersey Shore or they look good BUT don't ever bother to change their hair style.
Remember just because something looks good doesn't mean that you shouldn't experiment!
Looking like a fool is something that happens to everyone, but I think that experiment especially when you are young.
I despise how my generations youth are stuck in what I call the Hollister-Sweatpants Vortex of Shame.
I mean I love a t-shirt every now and then.
But the fact that most of these kids wear them for status makes me feel sad that they are depriving themselves of a key teenage experience which is experimenting with your clothes as you experiment with your identity to become the person that you want to be.

Back to this look though!
The all black look paired with the classic leather bag-pack and watch makes me smile.
There is something so adult yet kiddish about this look.
Sort of like a tongue in cheek nod to the kind of man that he will become in the future.

Or maybe it's just me.
Anyway, I am so sorry about the lack of posts!!!
I have waay too many pictures and not enough time at all.
I feel like when we think about where we want to be we only see the first step that we take and the hopefully "future" final goal! 
I feel like we have forgotten about the terribly hard work in between.
The kind of work that makes you cry in pain , smile even when you lack joy hoping that it will come to you and scream in excitement all at the same time.
So I am slowly working towards my goals, everyday hopefully going a little way!
[ that rhymes, ;D ]
I am off!


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