My Rainy Day Laments

 It's raining again today and to be honest I just can't get enough of this weather!

I'm sooo rainy day challenged. I don't use umbrellas because I'm lightning paranoid and to make matters worse I never know what to wear!!
I usually end up in a sweater dress and leggings with a hoodie.
My super lazy outfit.
Anyway I was just minding my own business when I looked up and saw this man.
He was so relaxed, just one of those people that exudes that cool confidence.
He also know how to dress!

I know that I don't take a lot of pictures of guys BUT that's because it's really hard to find someone who dresses for themselves.
I feel that you can always tell when someone is dressing for others. They don't have the a comfort in their own skin that makes them graceful.

Plus this ultra wicked tattoo is soo SUBLIME
I like some people have a thing for tattoos BUT only when they are done in a classy manner.
I don't like the cheesy types of tattoos.
Save your cheesiness for things that are cheesy like romance and cheese.
Body art HAS to be meaningful, especially when its stuck on your skin.
If you can't be comfy in your own skin, adding something that makes you even more uncomfortable that you can't take оff  is a painful lesson to learn.

I also wanted you guys to see his Ray-Bans. Тhey had a totally cool pattern , like tortiose shell but not .
I feel like when people get Ray-Bans they become way too "I'm cool ok?..." for me. 
I think that it's hard to separate the individual from the material!
I totally understand BUT the material doesn't make you.
So it's really nice to see someone being so relaxed and not acting so loud about what they happen to posses.
What do you guys think?
His hair and mustachio are also wicked.
I think he is the first person who has made me wonder about what he actually does.
Gosh that probably didn't come out right 'eh??
**BTW -  I know you guys visit kk?? I mean I am the one who is obsessively checking the stats. 
So please leave a comment! Tell me what you like and what you don't like! I'd really like to hear from you.
Also I think I might do a lament on the finer points on men's clothing because I haven't told you about my love for the men's section, right?


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