This is Melody.
I saw her while I was doing a quick mall run.
I find that usually people either dress REALLY REALLY well for the mall. (Dress to impress is taken to a whole new level!)
or really really badly.
The following outfit is in my humble opinion an great example of a young person dressing well!

I feel that everything about her outfit is TOTAL PERFECTION!!
The floral print, the faded denim, the cute booties and socks.....
However the most important thing about this outfit is the fact that even though she is petite she got all of her proportions right!
The jacket serves to elongate her torso, while the short hemline elongates her legs and her heels keep the silhouette going.
Sometimes it's really easy to forget the fact that you dress from head to toe and because we all have unique body proportions dressing is in fact a balancing act.

I didn't get the chance to take a picture of her bag but you can see the chain straps in this.
It's such an elegant bag and I'm so glad to see a young person wear this style in a manner that is fresh, lively, and true to themselves and their style.
It's too easy to end up looking dowdy while trying to stay true to a classic!

The BEST part in my opinion as a starved shoe addict are of course her shoes!
Simply gorgeous.

She told me that she purchased them in Japan.
Even though I know they won't have my size I really want to go just so that I can experience some shoe lust.
I don't think I've ever seen shoes in North America with this type of execution when it comes to detail and style.
Everything on this shoe is well done and polished.
The shoes theme is not half-assed and is carried through and through.
I find that sometimes in North America no matter how nice or expensive the shoe is there is a detail that is missing that would make it better OR a detail that could have been executed better in order for the whole shoe to just have that air of completeness.
Another busy week is coming to an end!
To be honest I cannot wait, I am simply exhausted this week.


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    1. Thank you very much!
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