Let your clothes do the talking

I've always admired people who are able to step out of their comfort zones.
This woman did so when she let me take her picture.
I could sense her discomfort but when I told her that I would not put her face up she relaxed and said yes.

I think that sometimes you can't let your own want make others feel like a deer in headlights; which is why I agreed to cropping her gorgeous face out.
It has always been my biggest dream to have summer dresses.
It's not that I don't but I want dresses like this!
This dress not only make her look wonderfully chic but it is one piece with cut outs that keep is from looking frumpy.
Cut outs expose part of your body that you thought were safe.
For example I always feel like my shoulders could ALWAYS be more toned. I'd always thought "HAHAHA suckers lifting weights, who really pays attention to your shoulders."
Now I know.........
This kind of effortlessness is something that I personally think all clothes should have.
Why should I as a consumer have to throw on multiple pieces just to attain a single look.
That will often leave you harried, worried and always wondering if your outfit was as put together now as when you gave yourself the glance of approval in the mirror in the morning.

I missed this part of her shoes but I still like the picture!
Silver shoes......
I had a pair by Calvin Klein but when I moved they got thrown out.
So to whomever is reading this hold on to your silver shoes tight!


  1. Love her shoes☺ i like your blog i hope we can follow each other☺

    1. Dear Sasa,
      I love your blogs header! It pops soo nicely! Thank you for visiting.
      Btw what does your name mean? In my native language swahili it means hello!


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