I wonder...

 Are you all getting impatient with the lack of people?
Well I promise you I have a good reason!

                                       Or at least a reason that I can rationalize....

Okay first I'll tell you how I even got pictures of this bag and then I will tell you why.
So I think that most people know that I want to learn Mandarin and Cantonese! I was sitting at the bus stop when I heard two girls talking in one of the two dialects ( I hope that's right. I could probably fire up Google for this but I'd rather not ) 
Anyway I turned my head slightly and BAM!!!
 I saw this gorgeous bag sitting under the sunlight. I couldn't resist walking over and using my tried and tested "Can I interrupt you but not interrupt you" method. I feel like the more people I ask the less shy I become { I haven't told you how shy I magically become when I have to meet/talk to new people right? Ahh maybe one of these days when I get over my tendonitis.... [it's in my wrist so blogging has become a major pain! Maybe I should get an assistant]}

Now I know that you probably think that it's weird that I'm putting up accessory posts so much. I'll tell you a personal dilemma that I've always had. Every September I go back to school in the hopes of being a little bit more grown up?
When I was younger I simply wanted to be cool! Look super duper put together and since I'd be lugging books that weighed almost a quarter of my weight I figured I'd be a super cool kid and get an awesome bag pack. 
I tried a shoulder bag this year BUT all that I've gained is some shoulder pain and I'm totally misbalanced [ So as a warning to you all don't attempt to lug like 20 pounds of knowledge on one shoulder alone. Okay? Seriously it's not even worth it. ] 
Anyway back to the bag pack thing. I like being an over-prepared nerd and so I'm starting my hunt now. Even though school is 2 months away and I don't even want to talk or think about it my nerdy tendencies have kicked in!
I hope that as I look around I find something like this.
It's subtle, beautifully crafted and quite honestly in the land of bag packs it's charming. It's not trying too hard to be anything.
It's not screaming out "HEY BUDDY I'M A COOL KID"
I feel like longevity is something that matters more than current coolness.
Fads are not forever.
Plus you could wear this anywhere! School, the airport, picnics.........

Go outside!
What are you doing sitting inside on you computer/tablet/cellular device??
It's beautiful!!


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