The essence of coolness.....

The first day of me actually venturing out is upon us!

I was about to catch my bus when I saw this woman.
Just so you know I was so blown away by her look that I forgot to ask her name.
Also the fact that we both had places to go was a factor in my hesitance to get too chummy.

I don't know about you but when I see someone who is not only at ease about how they look BUT is soo flawless I get super intimidated!! 
Fortunately she smiled.
There is sooo much warmth in that smile! 
I suppose I finally understand what people mean when they say "you are just one of those strangers that I want to know,"

 This look revives my dreams of looking like a badass!!
Maybe if by chance I stumble upon a great leather jacket like hers I'll buzz-cut my hair, dye it blue and call myself a new person.
But for now I'm off to do nerdy things like watch TV (Well I lied! I'm watching a drama. [GASP] I'll tell you a tale about my drama watching one day. Anywhoo keep this on the DL..... Seriously I have a reputation to maintain.)!

But one more thing!! I love how her nails are red.
In my mind that's a sign of a total badass rebel!
Or maybe it's because I am 
1) Too wimpy to wear red, it attracts attention. I am contrary to popular belief allergic to attention.
2) Slightly despise the color red
3) Can never find the right shade!!!!

When it comes to using red as nail polish or lipstick the shade is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!
 I mean getting it wrong will leave you looking like a fire hydrant for all the wrong reasons.

I really am leaving now.

**PS -  I hope that you like the new look! I want to take all this to the next level this summer. Plus my brother said it looked amatuerish before. :O Some kids........


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