At BCBG - Pleats

This is going to be a quick one!
I really enjoy shopping at BCBG because it is not a total self esteem killer!
Some of the clothes fit the way I expect them to when I see them on the hanger.

But more importantly the sales people are not too pushy, nice and chic!
I started some grad dress shopping (because no way am I going to be caught buying my dress after December! Early bird gets the worm).
I'm going to be honest, I'm trying to stop my procrastination because it is one habit that I can stand to lose, unlearn and delete from my vocabulary let alone my consciousnesses.
So I didn't go into BCBG with dress shopping intentions.
I saw this lady from the corner of my eye while walking around and in that one second I knew that I HAD to take her picture.
When I started this blog I decided that I would only put looks up if they caught my eye quickly. If I have to think about if the look is something I have an overwhelming attraction to photograph then it obviously isn't.
Trust your gut kiddies!

Any way pleats are Po Nay Nay
(Yes I am going to jump on this new word. If you haven't heard it then URBAN DICTIONARY it right now!! Hopefully I will introduce you to the chica that brought this word into my life someday!)
I love how you can be any shape, size, or height and totally pull pleats off!
Plus you can wear them casual or go super fancy!


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