Oak + Fort

 At long last it's Friday!! Here is your surprise.
I first discovered this store last October when I was walking around with Lucy.
When I decided to start going after stylish people seriously I also decided that I had to put this wonderful shop up for you guys.
The fashion that haunts me goes beyond clothing.
Sometimes it's the way things happen to be put together surroundings and actions. Today it is Oak + Fort. I'm going to do this post in two parts.
First I'll show you this wonderful shop and then I'll do introduce you to the people who keep is so lovely.

I've never seen such a simple design get executed with such intricate detail.

But wait!! It gets better. They also have accecories.

Because they carry shoes so you can basically make up a look from head to toe.

Now I think that you should all meet the wonderful people who run this store.

This is Kari.

This is Sophie
I decided to ask Kari and Sophie a few questions about Oak + Fort.

How often do you get new merchandise?
Kari : We get new merchandise once a week. We have in-house designers that design some of our items. The owner of the store is also friendly with some Korean designers and so we are able to purchase innovative designs from Korea. I feel that there are some really great things coming out of Korea. It’s now what people would expect.

What do you think about style in Edmonton?
Sophie : I feel that people here wear a lot of muted tones, colors that are earthier. Because of these tones I feel that Oak and Fort is very well suited to Edmonton.

What’s the best part about working here?
Kari : It’s a nice atmosphere. Also the fact that it’s not crazy busy allows us to interact with our customers and communicate with them. It makes it a more personal experience.

What kind of person do you feel your client is?
Kari : I feel that my client is someone who fashion forward but is minimalist in their approach. They store itself is minimalist. I feel like we have created a chic atmosphere with clothes that are classic, chic and easy to wear. There is something for everybody and our customers can find easy to wear items that they can mix and match with items that are in the store and in their own closets.
Some of my best clients are in their 20’s and 60’s. 

What’s your personal style? Or what’s more important to you when you are getting dressed the clothes or the accessories?
Sophie : I like to wear simple clothes that I can layer and I always wear an accessory. 

What are your plans for the future?
Kari : I would definitely like to stay with Oak and Fort and watch it grow. We have two locations one in Edmonton and one in Vancouver and there are so many people who come from cities like Toronto who say that they’d love us to open a store there. So just stay and grow.

Do you have a piece in stock right now that you love?
Kari : Yes I do. This top is gorgeous. I really like the fact that it has open slits in the front and the back. People can wear this with a cami underneath or just anyway that they like.

I also really like this sweater. It’s not a best seller but it’s floaty.

Do you have a piece in stock right now that you love? 
Sophie : I really like this. It's sort of like what I am wearing right now, light. 

Okay guys!! That's it for now!! I really love this place and I hope that you will venture out to see it this weekend. I took so many pictures that I wanted to upload but I couldn't (Yes this post is me controlling myself). It's on Whyte Ave but if you'd like something more precise it's on 10416 82 Avenue.
Happy Friday


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