Let's Talk About : Sneaker Wedges

Bowie Wedge Sneaker Apple Suede 312004

Shoe by ASH

When I saw these a few months ago online I was so suprised! I felt like God had finally answered my prayers. (Well half answered them, I still haven't found any in my size.)

I don't know about the rest of you but I love running in my heels. Okay I lied I'm not going to be marathoning it up any time soon but if I need to run in my heels I will. I think I have skill in it actually; something that I lack in plain old running shoes.
Anyway the sneaker wedges. Aren't they gorgeous??

Bowie Wedge Sneaker Black/Stone Suede 312151

Shoe by ASH
Thelma Wedge Sneaker Coral Waxed Nappa 312021

Shoe by ASH

(Source: http://www.secondcitystyle.com/2012/05/16/why-do-i-like-these-ash-wedge-sneakers/http://www.ashfootwearusa.com/bowie-blackstone-suede.htmlhttp://www.ashfootwearusa.com/thelma-s12-coral-nappa.html)

My favorites are by Ash a shoe company that focuses on French design while incorporating Italian materials such as leather and and craftsmanship.
But what I love the most about sneaker wedges is the fact that they make a high heel look practical. From uber tall supermodels like Jourdan Dunn.

(Source: http://batchplease.com/2012/02/jourdan-dunn-ash-cool-velcro-wedge-sneaker/)

 To regular old folk. Four inches never looked so good.

(Source: http://fashionindie.com/sneaker-wedges-ugly-or-awesome-discuss/)

Hopefully I might see a few people in the streets wearing these. Especially since they are in my opinion the ultimate hybrid for our moody weather. After all getting caught in some surprise rain or snow in these wouldn't  have me worrying the least about wet and frozen feet or if mud or slush were going to ruin them.
BTW if you read that last line like a pervert go and wash your brain out.
And stare at more sneaker wedges like these Chloe ones.

If only they had my size.


*ps - You can visit ASH at www.ashfootwearusa.com 


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