Ombre is something that's really big right now. It's simply the fading of one color from one of its darker shades to a lighter shade or tone. 
I like this kind of ombre because it's not pretentious. It's also fun and quirky.
I feel like you could dress it up or down in any way and make the little details pop.
(Don't you just love the word ombre?? I always say it in my head like "OMBRRRREE" rolling r's is my favorite past-time [oh that's sad right?] anyway you should try saying it with the rolled r's. It adds such pizzaz)

You can always tell if a person is really a head to toe dresser by the details of their outfit such as these carefully alternated hair elastics that match the hues of her layered tops.

 Okay I know that some of you may wonder just what I ask people when they pose for me. When I first started taking this seriously I used to skittishly pray that they would pose well and I would have a good picture. These days I say "Pose however you want the world to see you" adding a few directions to capture their intended pose in the best way possible.
What I love the most about Irene is that she didn't get super posey on me. 
She was herself and I feel that this really comes through in the pictures.
A fun confident woman who isn't afraid to act silly!!

Plus the color made me think of sunset and the gradient of hues that I often see. Or maybe just the hues that I love and remember don't take your self too seriously.
YOLO and all that BUT more importantly they're just clothes. 
Have fun. Look great or screw up and look like shit, everyday is a chance to reinvent yourself and be ANYONE you want to be.


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