For the i-Pod generation

 I know that most people are attached to their I-pods or music devices in one way or another!
Usually you see people's i-Pods in totally boring cases.
The design may be unique but the expression isn't.
That's why I love this!!

This is Kelsey's i-Pod!
(Do you remember her? I did a post on her a little while ago!)
I totally love it.
As school ends and summer approaches I'll try to get her to do a tutorial on how to do this.
I love how when people are bored they come up with creative things to do.
Makes me want to actually be productive in this sluggish heat.

I have one more accecories themed post for you guys!
*PS: Dear international followers if you want me to translate this page to a specific language message me or comment on any post and I'd be more than happy to do so! Thanks for visiting.


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