Clothes cost money; Style is a feeling of rightness and God is in the details

 So today is monumental! School is finally over!!!!! (*Insert jumping around like a loon*)
Now I can finally concentrate on "Le Blog".
This is a look that my friend Angie styled at ZARA.

I feel like it's one thing to be able to buy good clothes BUT to style them well is a whole other task and I always admire those who can.
Sometimes no matter how nice or expensive someone's clothes are they end up looking really drudgy because they forget to work off one piece!
We both decided on this Orange Studded Jacket (that I totally want now!! My bank account is going to cry soon...) and worked our way out from there.
The goal was to make an outfit that FELT right! That kept a motif going if that makes any sense to you guys.

I think I need to get this chica to style me up.
I feel like this summer is time for change ( even though I say this EVERY summer).
I'm ready to look and be the different person that I have become this year.
How about you guys??

 I also realized the other day that I need to give my pictures their own unique tag thing (I honestly can't think right now) so that I can avoid not getting ripped off.
What do you think?? Is this the right one?
If it is I need an assistant to help me re-tag all the photos here!!!
Man I hate when I get good ideas after I make a huge effort.
Oh wells, we live and learn right guys??

Once again these photos were taken by my lovely HTC Sensation! I figured out that I need to upload the pics straight to the comp in order for the resolution to be AMAZING!! Uploading from the blogger app doesn't allow the high res of the pics to be captured.

Jean Skirt - ZARA
Orange leather jacket with studs - ZARA
Union Jack Tank - ZARA


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