Angie's Bag

This is Angie's bag!
I couldn't resist shooting it for you guys.

I've had exams for the last few days and I'm honestly too tired to go out and find people.
When I saw this I couldn't resist.
I've gone through a vegan phase and am not usually a fan of leather.
However I love this bag and as of right now I am a meat eater so I feel that if we eat the meat what happens to the skin right?
It becomes a gorgeous and sturdy bag like this.
Now I'm not going to get all political on leather here, so please don't either!!

 As you know I LOVE details and sublime subliminess (that's not even a word oh wells). 
Plus the sparkle of the first detailed picture wasn't photo-shopped or anything!
I'm really trying to learn some camera techniques for you guys.
Hope you guys had a good week
(Mine was full of sooo much studying, but you guys have lives...I hope ;])


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