Vision in White

  Lately I've been seeing a lot of people in white which I love!!
Every-time I see a look like this I become a little sad because I don't know how people pull of white looks so brilliantly.

Hopefully one day I can learn the skill that it takes to pull of white without looking like a misplaced bride, or fat (because apparently it has the opposite visual effect that black does)
I'll let this look serve as my inspiration!
PS: I know that I haven't been updating that often but I promise I will change that!!
Your surprise it still coming albeit one Friday later.....
(Friday is almost here!!!! This is a total side but don't you feel as if when you're waiting for Friday it's like that perfect pair of shoes that you ordered that are taking forever to arrive or an almost kiss??? Frustrating in a totally happy making way. It makes me feel like anticipation makes everything better)
No more rambling
Mucho Love,


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