This is Ashley*

  Okay! This is not the first time that I've seen Ashley wear something great. I think that I've been creeping on her style for a while and I finally manned up today! I like the way she puts things together. 
Since we may be heading for a warm streak of weather this week I'm very afraid....
Why? Because I can just see the inappropriate amount of skin that will be flashed in the future.
But Ashley gives me hope. Something that you might forget when you want to show a little leg is to balance your outfits proportions out.
This is the PERFECT example of the balance that I wish everyone (myself included) remembered. 
The skirt is short and flirty with adorable cutouts! But her blouse (people don't use this word enough) has a smart and proper neckline.
I dunno. This look yells grace and charm to me!!
Don't you just love her glasses too??? I love a good tortoise shell pattern it's got that old world thing going.....
*I'm also trying to try new things with my photography.


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