Let's Talk About : Accessories

Ahahah At long last your first Let's Talk has arrived!!!! Are you excited? So today we are going to talk about accecories. I'm going to keep this short because I'm going people stalking in a little bit. 

 Personally I hate accessories!! With a passion.
Maybe it's because I end up breaking/losing/forgetting about them. I feel like because something bad will befall anything given to me (I don't really shop for my accessories, oh I know this is bad BUT I don't have the patience and you know how at stores most things look like a jumbled up pile of nonsense?). But my real dislike for accessories stems from the fact that they feel so fake and clunky. Everyone likes the shiny things that have that polished air to them but if accessories are a way of communicating who you are through precious stones and other effects then I am always left wondering in what way will  that crocodile skin watch be an extension of myself.
More than that though it's the whole mass marketing thing that really gets to me. I feel like jewelry should symbolize things and moments in your own life. I mean I get that we are all trying to make a buck but things need to have some soul in them.
Did she just say soul? Oh yes. Think about it. We take things from the earth which is essentially mother nature. So yes everything that comes from the earth is a living thing and has some soul to it. And more than that when it's hand made or at the very least made by a person there is that special feeling of love from one person to another.

It's so much nicer to think that a person made this hoping for the piece to be loved and show love that it is to think that a highly calibrated machine molded and cooled this at the right temperature.

Okay maybe that was a whole bunch of crazy talk...
I didn't get to bed till 3 am. Life of an insomniac perhaps??


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