I've always wondered are people born with cool or can they generate it themselves? The non-cholantness you feel around someone who has that calm,cool,collectedness around them is indescribable. Clara is one of those people. I feel like she isn't trying to be cool she just has "it". Does that make sense??? I don't want to mistake this kind of cool for the "out there" I'm cool because I'm trending and have swag etc etc.... This is better because I feel she never has to put all that out there for you to feel the cool/calm.

Plus that whole wearing white after Labour day/ before Labour day has always confused me!! Seeing this made me say to myself wear white whenever, wherever you're meant to be together... (You remember that old Shakira song???)
By the way since you're reading this if you're reading this thank you!!!! I just realized the other day that we've gotten a couple thousand hits in less than 2 months!!! Who new that anyone would want to read my ramblings? Honestly guys I really appreciate the fact that you come here (when you should be doing important things ;] ) and read my posts and look at the pictures. You're making parts of my dreams come true...... Oh yes I went all cheesy on you...
I'm off this whole emotion thing 
Have a good weekend!!!
*PS - Usually I hate double posts (more than one post a day) but I was too lazy/busy/sleepy during the week to upload these...
You know how it goes


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