This is Romy!!! Aren't her eyes amazingly piercing. I have a thing for eyes. When someone can look at you and cut into you with their eyes it's really something. I'm so proud of myself for finally getting a close up that had emotion in the eyes!!
Usually I'm not a fan of these types of bustier tops because most people wear them wrong. They're either usually paired with the wrong sort of bottom and end up looking lopsidedly paired OR they're paired with the right sort of outfit but the person wearing them doesn'd have the right sort of attitude to wear them. Let me tell you execution is everything. Half the battle of getting dressed is putting on the right sort of outfit. The other half of the battle I find is attitude. Sometimes you just have to take it like a woman (with grace, charm and all those other womanly effects that make us soo attractive jk jk) and be like this is me, who I am in how I dress.
To be honest when I was younger I dreamt of being punk-ish (I say -ish because my parents would never go for piercings of any sort, that kind of thing would not go well ) Anywhoo* I dreamt of being a punk rockish looking person. Leather clad cutting a slim and alluring figure whever I went. Even fueled by Kate Moss pics, my own determination and a healhty stack of British vogues (I'll show you my collection of magazines soon enough!!!**) my dreams did not become my reality.
Everytime I see someone who has pulled of that non-cholant I don't give a f=*k but you do sort of look and attitude I am in total awe.
Maybe in my next life I can look and be as cool as Romy.....
* I say Anywhoo a ton! If you've ever met me you know that this is a staple in my vocabulary.
** Seeing as I'm making tons of future things to do I might as well promise you a full vocabulary of D.... [ Oh I'll regret this later won't I]
*** Also did you see? I'm forgoing a title here! I always trying super super hard (inner blogger nerd takes over) to give you guys an interesting title but look my brain hurts. Anyway this is fashion. You've seen it now call it whatever tickles your fancy.


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