What the mall gave me

 I was walking to Anthorpologie when I saw these two. I passed them by twice before I finally mustered the courage to go up to them and ask them if I could take their picture. Sometimes when blogging pictures of others half the battle is not finding well dressed people but finding them with the right timing. It always sadness me when I pass people by who are in such deep conversation that it would be rude for me to interupt them. This is a bloggers dilemma.

There is something that is just so lovely about them. Not only the way that they are seated but their clothes which pull from that "old-world" sense of always being put together but the casualness of it. Some people always seem so stiff or uncomfortable whenever they've made an effort to dress up.
This is completely natural and I wish that more people would dress like this as they got older.
In this North American culture of trying to be eternally young we deny ourselves the pleasure of aging gracefully and enjoying the friuts of labour that we cultivate through our clothes.
This is what the mall gave me. Hope that there are those who still value acting and looking their age in a suprising and marvelous way!


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