What's height got to do with it?

I have to admit that I love heels!!! They're supposed to be bad for your back and I am 5'10'' (secretly wishing that I was 6'3'') Everyone that I meet chastises me for my love of wearing heels (my personal mantra is go big or go home - 4 inches or more only!) After a guy pal of mine recently told me outright that I should stop wearing heels because they made him "Feel bad" and furthermore that I was "insulting him" It got me thinking in the game of life and furthermore whats height got to do with anything?
Does society have different implications for people with different heights? With most celebrities under 5'4'' this might dissuade people from thinking that us tall chicks can rock heels as much as we want. Heels are not just for people in need of a little height boost where their genetics failed them, to my they're simply a way to perfect an outfit and make sure that you improve your posture. But some say that it's got more to do with it. I've heard that tall people grow up to be leaders (Check Barack Obama) and instantly get noticed as powerhouses.
Do you think that this is true? Does height have something to do with it?


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